Satoru Tsuda has been a big hit with a series of sales by spotlighting "things" that no one had
ever paid attention to before.

■ 1970, Establishment of TOP Fashion Co.
A production company for sales posters, celebrity photo books.
■ 1973, Trigger of the “Super Car” boom
A year later, the popularity of super cars exploded, creating a social phenomenon throughout Japan.
■ 1981, The instigator of the Name Neko (cat) boom
“Namennayo”, in English which means “Don’t try to bullshit me!” He dressed kittens in clothes and photographed them in poses that made them appear to stand up like humans, selling photo books, calendars, and other products. Soon after its release, along with the catchphrase "Namennayo," it became an unprecedented hit and triggered a cat boom throughout Japan. The peak of its popularity lasted for two and a half years, and it was also used in government public relations, police, and Microsoft campaigns. They are still active today in TV commercials and other media. Normally, popularity is divided between men and women, but the cat gained popularity with both genders, leading to an explosive hit. The number of commercialized products reached 550.
■ 1988, Produced all aspects of the dance vocal unit “Issei Fubi Sepia”. Their debut song "Michi no Ue yori" became a big hit. The group is still active as individual performers.
■ 1986, As a lyricist and composer. The 15th International Federation of Music Festivals Tokyo Music Festival was held at the Nippon Budokan on March 30, 1986, and Miami Sound Machine won the Grand Prix. The previous year's Grand Prix was awarded to Kool & Gang. Satoru Tsuda won the Silver Prize for Newcomer of the Year in the songwriting category. He has composed songs for Hirake Ponkikki, commercials, and musicians. He has composed hundreds of songs to date.
■ 1992, An animation artist, “Adventure of T-REX”, an animation based on Satoru Tsuda's original drawings and stories, was first broadcast in the U.S. and later on TV all over the world.
■ 1993, Produced and produced TV programs.
■ Planning and proposal for NHK’s Ikegami Akira's “Weekly Children's News” (broadcast for 18 years from 1993 to 2010).
■ Planning and proposal for Fuji Television's mega hit live broadcast "Yuyake Nyan Nyan" (broadcast period from 1985 to August 31, 1987), including the production of the opening animation. The character of the sailors worn by the cast became a big hit.


Satoru Tsuda has been a big hit
with a series of sales by spotlighting
"things" that no one had
ever paid attention to before.

I believe that the definition of genius is determined by the scientific water level of the times. Even the great Einstein had an IQ of 126. Yet, five years later, he published a theory worthy of a Nobel Prize. My past trajectory began when I received an epiphany one summer night at the age of 18 that this world is made up of illusions called fiction. I was casually turning on the TV and saw a group of fans following an idol celebrity. I asked myself, "Why do people get so carried away?" It was a bolt of inspiration. From that moment on. I learned that we all believe in fiction and have a yearning and interest in it. While still in the realm of boys, I was fascinated by the content of what the world calls business; my two cousins were on the path of doctors, but I think it was a revelation that led me down a different and unique path. The power of fiction created "altruistic behavior," turned into their own futures, dreams, and hopes, and created fantasy. In other words, people believed in fiction and were convinced that they were born to ENJOY. They immersed themselves in providing the various interests of people by embodying them in the consumption of goods and services.