■ 1970s : Launch of 12 REN-NEN (development of events)
International Children Year, International AIDS Year, International Youth Year, International Housing Year, etc.
■ 1970s : World Expo (Osaka Senri Hills), production of various expositions, Nagoya Expo (Azuchi-Momoyama Castle Expo)
■ Osaka Flower and Green Expo “Tsurumi-ku” / Book Fair (Frankfurt)
■ Launched the Mature Age Project
Mature-age naming and godparents / Various symposiums / Published 7 books (B5), 70p.
■ Toyota’s various new car campaigns - Celica, Carina, Mark II, Corolla, etc. from development viewpoints to campaigns.
■ Toshiba “Heavy Electric Appliance” series advertisements, dust collectors, hospital self-help treatment equipment ETC
■ 1980's : Nagoya Expo, Okinawa Ocean Expo, Tsukuba Science Expo Produce
■ 1980's : Produced the Nagoya Expo, Okinawa Ocean Expo, and Tsukuba Science Expo
■ 1980's : Discover Japan Campaign, sponsored by JR and Hitachi
■ 1980 : Toyota model change and remodeling campaign guidance
■ 1990 : Directed campaign for the birth of Prime Minister Takeshita
■ 1990 : Directed campaign to raise consumption tax by 3%
■ Editor-in-Chief of the Keiseikai Propaganda Newspaper (Directed various political campaigns)
■ CF (Commercial Film Direction)...Toyota (Las Vegas, experimental) Ricoh watch launch campaign (Hawaii, experimental)
■ Producer of 19 TDK educational film series “My days” Japanese boy's life, expanded to elementary schools all over the U.S.
■ Participated in ART FUTURE: Presentation of Art Concepts for a New Era (Asahi Breweries, Shimizu Kensetsu, NEC), etc. “Art encompasses the environment!” This major concept presented at Nikkei Hall.
■ Produced the Osaka Flower Expo at the Government Pavilion, etc.
■ Publication Shinpatsu Project (Shueisha) “Declaration of the World's 20s” and more
■ Los Angeles Olympics Commercial Perspective (Peter Ueberroth)
■ Flowers on the window sill! Kajima Corporation Shiki (Saitama) Development Project
■ YES Yokohama Expo Planning and General Direction ( Sea, Land and Mountains of Yokohama)


Born in Kyoto, Japan. Graduated from Doshisha University and worked for J.W. Thompson before joining Dentsu. During his time at Dentsu, he worked in the Creative Department and the Sales Planning Office, where he was involved in planning projects such as the World Expo and the Olympics. At his prime time, he was known as the “Lion of Dentsu”. In 2010, he made his debut as a novelist with "634 (Musashi)" (Shinchosha).